kleynimals Stainless Steel Jangles®

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kleynimals Stainless Steel Jangles®

wearable. playable. chewable.

Our Jangles® are a great toy to bring along when you need something to entertain baby in the stroller, car seat, high chair, or while changing diapers!  We highly recommend attaching Jangles® to a paci clip so they stick with your baby when you are out and about.

When your baby isn’t being entertained, you may find it convenient to wear Jangles® on your wrist, and in this case, no one will know they are also a teether and toy!  You may also find that adults enjoy them just as much as babies…the way they move around each other can be mesmerizing, and thus provide a sense of fidget and stress relief even for the more “mature” people out there.

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®kleynimals Stainless Steel Jangles®

wearable. playable. chewable.

  • A jingle jangle toy, rattle and teether for babies
  • Bangle bracelets for mom
  • Fidget and stress relief for everyone
  • 100% food grade stainless steel
  • For babies 5 months and up
  • Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic
  • Free of Lead, Cadmium, BPA and Phthalates
  • Dishwasher Safe (no bleach)
  • Proudly made in the USA

Our Jangles® have a number of descriptions fitting various needs for all ages… bracelets, rattle, teether, and fidget toy!  How often can you say that about a single product?  Babies, toddlers and adults alike are mesmerized by the way our chain of Jangles® interplay in unexpected ways.

Our Jangles® are the answer for moms who like the notion of wearing “chewable” jewelry, but want a look that is more classic in design.  Plus, this set of bangle bracelets just may be the most durable and easiest to care for jewelry you can find.  No polishing required and dishwasher safe.

**Note:  Please remember to always make sure your baby is not biting/gnawing too hard on our Jangles® or anything else during teething!


  • 100% Stainless steel 304 sourced in the USA
  • Ring size – 3″ in diameter (Four 3” rings welded together)
  • Weight – 1.8 ozs.

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Weight 0.125 lbs

2 reviews for kleynimals Stainless Steel Jangles®

  1. Beth

    I LOVE THESE. I originally had the arctic friends keys but lost them and bought a replacement with the gift set that included the keys, zoo keys and these jangles. I didn’t think much of these at first but I use them EVERY SINGLE DAY. My 2.5 year old loves them just as much as my 4 month old does. They are so unassuming to wear on your wrist, then voilà! Instant entertainment for the children. I like to dangle them over the baby and he grabs at them. Its also fun to just jingle them and “drop” them by stacking them then letting them go. Sometimes I’ll put 2 or 3 (out of 4) on my wrist so I have them dangling. Its really handy to do this when baby is on your lap and you need them a bit occupied. If you are on the fence, just get them. You will be pleased!!

  2. Harry (verified owner)

    I love everything about Kleynimals. This is a great company, and the products are fantastic. I feel good that my child is playing with safe, clean, made in the USA stainless steel. I’ve owned the keys and utensils for some time and just bought the Jangles for my new baby. He loves them. They are a great size and width for him to hold and put in his mouth, and he loves making them clang.

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