Being “Green”

Eco-Friendly Green Safe Baby Toys

Eco-Friendly!  Green!  Safe!

We do our best to be a green company.  All Kleynimals products are eco-friendly and safe; and are perfect for parents looking for organic baby products.

One of the reasons that we chose stainless steel is because of its lower environmental impact. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and the average stainless steel product contains over 50% recycled material.  Stainless steel has longevity, which makes Kleynimals a product you can pass down to the next generation (or pass on to a friend).  Stainless steel is non-toxic and safe.

Everything we print is done on recycled paper. Everything we mail is sent in recycled packaging. Our product comes in an unbleached muslin bag that is intended for reuse, and is American made. Since Kleynimals are made in the USA and our stainless steel comes from the USA, the environmental impacts of transportation are minimized. Our manufacturing site is mainly powered by a hydroelectric plant and they do not use the same toxic chemicals that are often used as a wash overseas. The Kleynimals office is based in a LEED Platinum building where half of our electricity is generated by solar panels.

We are proud members of the We Are Still In movement to support the Paris Climate Agreement, and truly feel that every individual and business can help create positive environmental change.

A portion of every Kleynimals purchase goes to two environmental non-profits – World Wildlife Fund and Healthy Child Healthy World.

Environmental advocacy means a lot to us and we are pleased to do everything we can to support a healthy environment through our safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly baby products.