Engraving Instructions

Kleynimals are more than simply great green baby gifts to buy, they are also uniquely personalized baby gifts as well!  We offer the convenience of ordering Kleynimals with an engraving… because if you are anything like us, having to do the legwork to get something engraved is a “deal breaker.”  We work with a local business that was established in 1928 to engrave our keys to make them an heirloom baby gift.  You can order the engraving in either block or script lettering.

Engraving instructions… be forewarned, it can be confusing!

  • When ordering an engraving, please make sure to type your engraving exactly as you would like it to appear with either capital or lower case letters.
  • The maximum number of characters is 12 per line.
  • Please keep in mind that the size of the letters will get smaller as the number of letters increases.
  • We recommend doing one name per line so the letters are bigger!
  • If ordering just initials in capital letters, you would put them in order of first, middle, last.  Please select 1 line block on the drop down menu if that is your choice.
  • If one line of engraving is selected, we will presume they are just initials.
  • We do not recommend putting letters and numbers on the same line – it’s complicated to explain, but feel free to email and ask “why?!”
  • The engraving will appear on the back of Leo the Lion because he has the most room.
  • You can special order an engraving on the front of Leo, but only one line.
  • We eliminate “0” in front of numbers (extraneous) and change “/” to “-” because it all looks better… trust us!
  • When ordering an engraving, please note that your Kleynimals may take two-three weeks to arrive.  If you need to change or cancel your order, please do so within 24 hours.
  • If you would like a gift note included, you can also write that in the “special instructions” area.  

One final note, since we are trying to create less waste we do not send a receipt in the package because we know that those typically just get trashed. Please save a copy of your emailed receipt, or if you desire, you can request a receipt in the “special instructions” area during check out.