Safety — Our Biggest Priority

Safety—Our Biggest Priority

When I first set out to make Kleynimals stainless steel toy keys, my mission was to create baby keys that would be really high quality, practical, eco-friendly and have enduring style.  My biggest goal, however, was to provide parents and babies with the safest baby products I could. Thus, after coming up with my original idea of creating safe toys for babies, the first thing I did was call the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission to make sure that I understood how to make my dream a reality based on the CPSC guidelines for baby product safety standards. Little did I know how this initial act put me on their radar…

Shortly after I launched my Kleynimals toy keys in 2010, I received a call from someone at the CPSC.  My heart sank into my stomach. What had I done wrong that they were already calling? Since “Day 1” we have been committed to providing families with the safest baby toys possible, and are in compliance with  US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) product safety regulations. As a mother myself, I understood how difficult it is to find safe toys for babies and toddlers to chew on, and I took extreme care making sure that Kleynimals met, and exceeded, current safety requirements for baby toys.  

The person on the other end began to inquire as to why I tested my products for lead when it was not required for stainless steel products. My reply was that I simply wanted to provide parents with the safest baby toys that I possibly could. As a mother I wanted to know for certain that everything I gave my children was completely non-toxic, and other parents deserved the same assurances.

At this point, I understood that they were actually calling because they were impressed that I had gone above and beyond with my safety testing, and that yes, they had been following my product development since my original call (in 2009). They then invited me to testify in trials that were being held to discuss more rigorous lead testing in children’s products.  I was honored to testify, but sadly was one of the only manufacturers present who was a “pro-testing” advocate.

Read Kirsten’s entire testimony to CPSC here.

Now with a larger line of metal baby silverware and baby toys, I continue to be committed to offering safe baby products made in the USA from American sourced stainless steel. All of my products are tested to safety standards from multiple countries for both physical safety testing as well as toxic chemicals. Parents can feel confident that when they give their babies Kleynimals products, they are only giving them the best.  

Additionally, I donate 1% of revenue to Healthy Child, Healthy World (a division of Environmental Working Group).  Their mission is to advocate for non-toxic living for our children and the World.