Limited Edition Safari Animals Bib


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Our Safari Animals Bibs are handmade with organic Safari friends fabric featuring Eli, Gus and Leo.  We just love to see our animals come alive in these cute prints.  The lining on each bib varies just slightly to add to the individuality of our bibs. Add one to your purchase to personalize your Kleynimals gift even more!

Our soft products are hand made by Robin McLaughlin. Robin is an extraordinary artist that creates one of a kind bags, bridal wear, appliqués and baby items from her home on Cape Cod. She also happens to be my aunt. I have always been proud of her creativity from the time I was a tot and would carry an appliquéd ballet bag, to when I was married and carried a handmade wedding purse, to when I had my first baby and had a one of a kind diaper bag.

See more of her work here: and